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Indigo Copper Tubes

Indigo manufactures copper and copper alloy products. The company manufactures copper tubes and pipes for the HVAC Iindustry that are used in VRV / VRF applications, Duct-able applications, Air Handling Units, Chiller applications, etc.

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Indigo Copper Tubes and Pipes for VRV VRF system, Duct-able system, AHU, Chiller system

Indigo provides a complete range of copper pipe and tubes for the HVAC industry. Indigo copper tubes are used in the VRF VRV system, chiller system, duct-able system, and AHUs. Indigo copper pipes and tubes are CFC free compatible and RoHS compliant. These copper tubes and pipes are manufactured by following the proper processes and standards. Indigo copper pipes and tubes are available in sizes of (2/8 inches or 6.4 mm), (3/8 inches or 9.5 mm), (4/8 inches or 12.7 mm), (5/8 inches or 15.9 mm), (6/8 inches or 19.1 mm), (7/8 inches or 22.2 mm), (8/8 inches or 25.4 mm), (9/8 inches or 28.6 mm), (10/8 inches or 31.8 mm), (11/8 inches or 34.9 mm), (12/8 inches or 38.1 mm), (13/8 inches or 41.3 mm), (14/8 inches or 44.5 mm). Indigo copper pipes and tubes come in the form of hard pipe (length) and soft pipe (roll). Each length measures 10 feet whereas each roll measures 50 feet.
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