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Zeco Duct

Zeco Aircon manufactures factory fabricated rectangular duct, round duct, and oval duct in sizes specified in the HVAC drawing. Since these ducts are factory fabricated, the surface finish is of highest quality. A Zeco duct comes in different gauges starting from 26 Gauge (0.5mm), 24 Gauge (0.63mm), 22 Gauge (0.8mm), 20 Gauge (1mm), 18 Gauge (1.2mm), and 16 Gauge (1.6mm). Rectangular duct is either transported in L form or a complete box. Oval and Round ducts are transported in complete pieces. A duct system is used to supply or distribute cool air to different parts of the building. At one end of the ductwork, AHU is connected, whereas on the other end, grills and diffusers are fitted. Duct sizing is an important task, and it must be carried out methodically using the duct sizer before placing the order for factory fabricated ducts. Once the duct dimensions are locked, the GI sheets at Zeco factory are machined and cut and ducts are made. In addition to the duct, plenum HVAC is also fabricated at the Zeco aircon factory. Therefore, plenum dimensions should also be the part of HVAC drawing. The whole ductwork or HVAC duct system including the rectangular duct, oval duct, round duct, and plenum HVAC is fabricated by Zeco Aircon as per the drawing and delivered at the project site in large trucks.

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Duct - Rectangular Duct, Round Duct, Oval Duct - Zeco

Zeco Aircon fabricates a duct system at its factory. A rectangular duct, or round duct, or oval duct is fabricated as per the drawing. In addition, plenum HVAC is also fabricated at the Zeco factory. A duct can be made from 0.5mm (26 Gauge) GI sheet, 0.63mm (24 Gauge) GI sheet, 0.8mm (22 Gauge) GI sheet, 1 mm (20 Gauge) GI sheet, 1.2mm (18 Gauge) GI sheet, or 1.6mm (16 Gauge) GI sheet.
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