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Zeco Air Washer

Zeco Aircon manufactures Air Washer System in both single as well as double skin construction. An air washer uses the natural cooling evaporative process. Zeco Air Washer is compact in design and comes with multiple centrifugal fans for air washer with higher CFM requirements. Air washer system is recommended for use in DG rooms, industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses.

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Air Washer - Zeco

The airflow range (in CFM) for a Zeco Air Washer is 1200 CFM to 80000 CFM. However, customized air washer units can also be delivered based on client’s specific requirements. Double skin construction, low height, compact size, and provision to incorporate multiple centrifugal fans are some of the features of a Zeco Air Washer. The static pressure is selected depending on the usage of the Air Washer system.
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