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Voltas Ductable AC Inverter Air-cooled Split Units 5.5 TR, 9 TR, 11 Tons (TR)

Looking to buy a ductable AC unit? And at the same time, do you want to reduce electricity consumption? Then, Inverter ducted series by Voltas is the ideal choice for you. The inverter scroll compressor helps in achieving the energy-efficiency. Voltas Ductable AC Inverter type Air-cooled split units are available in the capacity of 5.5 Tons (TR), 9 Tons (TR), 11 Tons (TR). The refrigerant used in these inverter ductable AC units is R410A.
Manufacturer: Voltas Limited
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Lower Operating / Running cost: As the name suggests, the speed in an inverter scroll compressor varies depending on the load. For example, during peak summer months of May and June, the compressor may operate at full load. Whereas in Monsoon months, the compressor may operate at 60-70% load. Therefore, throughout the year, the running cost with an inverter scroll compressor is reduced significantly. 


Improved life span: Since fixed speed compressors have higher numbers of on-off cycles as compared to the inverter scroll compressors (variable speed compressors), therefore, the life-span of an inverter ducted series is greatly enhanced.


Significantly low starting current: The inverter ductable AC units from Voltas require significantly lower starting current and that further enhances the lifespan of the compressor and its parts. In turn, that results in lower load on the backup systems such as DG Sets, grids, etc.


Cooling: Since inverter scroll compressors vary their speed based on the load, therefore, in the beginning, the compressor speed increases to cool the room or space quickly. 


Expansion valve that is electronically advanced.


Precise temperature control is possible with Voltas Inverter Ductable AC Units.


Advanced controller system: The Voltas Ductable AC Inverter Units come equipped with an advanced controller system. The system has an LCD panel that shows compressor speed, coil temperatures at the evaporator coil level, discharge temperature at the compressor level, current at the compressor side, BMS compatibility. 


Advanced Protection Mechanism: High pressure / Low pressure protection, over voltage / under voltage / voltage fluctuations protection, phase change protection.


Technical Data:

The model numbers of Inverter R410A Series are:

5.5 TR (ACADS05513RVI), 9 TR (ACADS09013I), 11 TR (ACADS11013I)

Voltas Ductable AC Inverter Air-cooled Split Units R410A

The dimensions of indoor units are:

5.5 TR (Length 1130 mm, Depth 750 mm, Height 475 mm), 9 TR (Length 1500 mm, Depth 790 mm, Height 470 mm), 11 TR (Length 1820 mm, Depth 780 mm, Height 475 mm)


The dimensions of outdoor units are:

5.5 TR (Length 950 mm, Depth 450 mm, Height 960 mm), 9 TR (Length 1255 mm, Depth 470 mm, Height 1164 mm), 11 TR (Length 1380 mm, Depth 542 mm, Height 1164 mm)


The power supply needed for the indoor unit is 230 V, 1Ph, 50 Hz, and the power supply required for the outdoor unit is 3 Ph - 415V - 50 Hz - 4 wire (R,Y,B,N).


The evaporator blower is of type Centrifugal DIDW, Forward curved. 

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