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Voltas Ductable AC

Voltas Ductable AC are available in air-cooled and water-cooled format. At the same time, Voltas Ductable AC are available in standard split type and packaged type units. In addition to the fixed speed ductable AC, Voltas also offers Inverter Ductable AC. Voltas Ductable AC are available in different refrigerants such as R22, R407C, and R410A. The delivery is possible across any states or any locations in India. All these Ductable AC units by Voltas are factory charged. In other words, the refrigerant is pre-charged. And the latest state-of-the-art Hermetic Scroll compressor technology is used in all of the Voltas Ductable AC Units. These Ductable Air Conditioning Units from Voltas come in a range of capacities starting from 5.5 TR, 6 TR, 8.5 TR, 8.75 TR, 9 TR, 11 TR, 12 TR, 17 TR, 18 TR, 22 TR, and 24 TR. Some of the key features of Voltas Ductable AC are:

  • Use of scroll compressor to achieve higher energy-efficiency
  • Copper tubes that are internally grooved
  • Control system with a microprocessor. Features such as auto start mode, anti-recycle timer, inbuilt temperature sensor, protection from phase reversal, energy saving mode, fan speed selection, equalization of compressor runtime, 4 modes of operation (cool, dry, fan, and energy save), on/off timer are provided.
  • All critical parts are factory insulated
  • To reduce vibrations, the rubber pads are provided
  • The outdoor units and indoor units are compact in size
  • Fins are treated blue with hydrophilic coating that is anti corrosive
  • Woven filters that further improves the indoor air quality
  • Can be easily connected to the third party BMS system


Voltas Ductable AC units are suitable for control rooms, auditoriums, factories & industrial plants, educational institutes, hospitals / nursing homes, banquet halls, multiplexes, conference halls, exhibition halls, restaurants / bars, theaters, and other types of large commercial halls. The design of both outdoor units and indoor units is compact with slim type indoor units that makes these units easily installable in any given space. Even if the ceiling height is less, the slim type indoor units of Voltas Ductable AC can be easily installed. Maintenance is straightforward because of the modular design. The modular design allows easy access to all sections of an outdoor unit as well as indoor unit.

The warranty on all Voltas Ductable AC Units is 1 year. All units come factory charged either with R22 refrigerant, or R407C, or R410A. In other words, the machines come in ‘ready-to-install’ condition. The installation team just needs to place the outdoor machine at an appropriate location on a robust MS Frame and suspend the indoor machine as per the drawing. Thereafter, copper piping work, communication wire work is carried out between the outdoor and indoor units. Drain pipeline emanates from the indoor machine and the water is discharged at an appropriate discharge location. Insulation (13mm thick or 19mm thick) should be applied on all kinds of pipework including on copper piping as well as on drain piping. 

The length of copper pipe between the outdoor and indoor units should ideally be less than or equal to 15 running meters.

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Voltas Ductable AC Air-Cooled Split Units 5.5, 6, 8.5, 8.75, 9, 11, 12, 17, 18, 22 Tons (TR)

Air-Cooled Voltas Ductable AC with Hermetic Scroll compressor are available with R22, R407C, and R410A refrigerants. The capacity range starts from 5.5 Ton (TR), 6 Ton (TR), 8.5 Ton (TR), 8.75 Ton (TR), 9 Ton (TR), 11 Ton (TR), 12 Ton (TR), 17 Ton (TR), 18 Ton (TR), up to 22 Ton (TR). Indoor units power supply is 230 V - 1 Ph - 50 Hz (2 Wire, AC Supply), whereas Outdoor units power supply is 3 Ph - 415V - 50 Hz - 5 wire(R,Y,B,N,G).
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Voltas Ductable AC Water-Cooled Split Units 5.5, 8.75, 11, 17 Tons (TR)

Voltas water-cooled ductable split AC units with Hermetic Scroll compressor are available in R22 and R407C refrigerants. 5.5 Ton (TR), 8.75 Ton (TR), 11 Ton (TR), and 17 Ton (TR) of water-cooled ductable split AC units are available. The power supply required for the outdoor unit is 3 Ph - 415V - 50 Hz - 5 wire(R,Y,B,N,G), whereas the power supply needed for the indoor unit is 230 V - 1 Ph - 50 Hz (2 Wire, AC Supply).
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