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AHU - Triple Skin Casing, Noiseless, Energy-Efficient Premium Air Handling Unit - Manufactured by TheSmartHVAC

All of TheSmartHVAC Premium Air Handling Units come equipped with Triple skin casing. Therefore, TheSmartHVAC AHU units provide silent operation, long life, and ease of maintenance. TheSmartHVAC AHU units come with an extended warranty of 1+1 years. From 800 CFM to 100000 CFM Air Handling Unit systems are available for sale across India. Both Floor-mounted and Ceiling-suspended types of AHU units are manufactured and sold across India. AHRI certified coils (4 rows or 6 rows or 8 rows). TheSmartHVAC air handling unit comprises filter section, coil section, motor section, and the blower section. Desired Static Pressure is achieved with the right selection of motor and blower.
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All of TheSmartHVAC Air Handling Units come with following configurations:


Triple skin casing: For the first time in the Indian HVAC market, TheSmartHVAC manufactures and delivers Air Handling Unit systems with Triple skin casing. Outer skin pre-coated - 0.8mm Galvanized Iron (GI) sheet. Inner skin plain - 0.8mm GI sheet. And the innermost skin plain - 26 Gauge GI Sheet. The Triple skin casing ensures better thermal insulation as well as high-quality acoustic insulation. Therefore, it is no surprise that TheSmartHVAC AHU Units are noiseless. At the same time, Triple skin casing also ensures robustness and long life of all TheSmartHVAC AHU units. Either the hollow extruded Aluminum profile or the thermal break Aluminum profile is chosen. The insulated panels are either 25mm thick or 40mm thick. These insulated panels are injected with CFC Free PUF with a density of 40 KG / Cubic meter. 


Filter section: Pre filter box type is provided with all TheSmartHVAC AHU units. However, the filter section can be customized with the options of fine filter and HEPA Filters.


Coil Section: All of TheSmartHVAC Air Handling Units are equipped with 6 rows cooling coils. In case of customized units, the 8 row coils are sometimes chosen. These coils are AHRI certified. Coils are made from copper tubes. The tube diameter ranges from 3/8 inches to 1/2 inches. The thickness of tubes is generally 0.41 mm. And 11 to 12 fins are provided per inch. 


Motor and Fan section: Motors and Fans are chosen based on the inputs from the clients. The overall Airflow volume in CFM, total static pressure in ww MG are the key input parameters that determine the rating of the motor and the selection of the fan/impeller. All of TheSmartHVAC air handling units come equipped with HAVELLS / Crompton motors and Kruger / Nicotra fans. The correct selection of the impeller and correct rating of the motor ensure that desired airflow volume at desired static pressure is achieved. 


Delivery schedule: TheSmartHVAC units are delivered within 2 weeks of order placement. The in-house team of engineers, manufacturing technicians ensure quality products are delivered within the timeline. The Air Handling Units are tested rigorously before being dispatched to the client project site. Any issues / problems that arise during the testing phase are rectified in order to ensure smooth working of the AHU units at the project sites. 


TheSmartHVAC AHUTheSmartHVAC manufactures, installs, tests, and commissions AHU units all across India. These air handling units are noiseless, and highly energy-efficient. For the first time in the Indian HVAC market, TheSmartHVAC uses triple skin casing instead of the standard double skin casing that is used by all other manufacturers. The triple skin ensures robustness of the unit, thermal insulation, and acoustic insulation. All of this leads to longer lifespan of the unit, less wear and tear, zero noise, and enhanced performance of the air handling unit AHU.


Quality controlSince TheSmartHVAC constructs and then installs, tests, and commissions the air handling units, the client is provided with an end-to-end solution. Therefore, there is a degree of comfort. All these Air Handling Unit systems manufactured by TheSmartHVAC go through a series of rigorous tests. The tests such as noise check test, vibration test, thermal insulation test, airflow rate test, pressure test. Only after an AHU passes the above tests successfully, the machine is delivered at the client site. 


Manufacturing processTheSmartHVAC leverages state-of-the-art manufacturing processes at its factory to produce the highest quality air handling units. Latest machines and tools are used to manufacture air handling units. In addition to manufacturing the standard AHU units, TheSmartHVAC takes pride in delivering customized AHU solutions to clients across India for their HVAC project needs. Both floor-mounted and ceiling-suspended types of AHU units are manufactured. The application team at TheSmartHVAC gathers the clients’ requirements in detail. Thereafter, the manufacturing team starts manufacturing the AHU unit based on the sketch and application details provided by the application team. Once the AHU has been manufactured, the quality team checks the manufactured AHU unit before the machine is delivered at the client site. And lastly, the installation team visits the client site and installs, tests, and commissions the Air Handling unit to the satisfaction of our clients across India.




For the first time in India, TheSmartHVAC delivers noiseless air handler units AHU. This is made possible by leveraging triple skin casing instead of the standard double skin casing, PUF injected panels, and open cell structured acoustic insulation are used to ensure highest degree of thermal insulation as well as highest degree of acoustic insulation. Therefore, when TheSmartHVAC Air Handling Units are installed at the client site during the course of an HVAC project, the silent operation of these air handling units is achieved.


Longer lifespan

The triple skin casing makes sure that the air handling unit is sturdy with less wear and tear over a period of time. This results in a longer lifespan of the AHU unit. 


Thermal insulation

Unlike the standard air handling units wherein double skin casing is provided, TheSmartHVAC AHU units with triple skin casing ensures highest degree of thermal insulation. Therefore, it results in less operating expenditure for the client.


Choice of AHU coils

All of TheSmartHVAC Air Handling units come equipped with 6 rows cooling coils. However, depending on the desired airflow volume and static pressure, the 4 rows or 8 rows AHU coil can also be used.


Choice of filters

The standard filter is a pre-fine filter. However, based on the application of the AHU, the box type filter or HEPA can also be provided.


Backward curved blower

Most of TheSmartHVAC Air Handling Units use backward curved blower/impeller. In case of smaller AHUs, sometimes a forward curved blower is also used.


Energy-efficient motor

TheSmartHVAC AHUs come equipped either with Havells or Crompton Greaves motors. IE2 and IP55 protection is provided on these motors.


Enhanced drain system

During the construction stage, it is ensured that the air handling unit does not leak in the AHU room. Therefore, appropriate drain with passage is provided to exit the condensed water.


Easy maintenance

Because of the modular structure of the air handler unit, maintenance is easy and very much straightforward.


Wide variety of airflow volume

TheSmartHVAC manufactures air handling units with airflow volume ranging from 800 CFM to 100000 CFM.