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Tower AC

Tower AC Units are also known as Portable AC Units or Floor Standing AC Units. As the name suggests, the indoor unit of a tower air conditioner is designed like a tower. In other words, the indoor unit is slim and tall. The typical dimensions of an indoor unit of a tower AC are 50 cm (width) x 175 cm (height) x 35 cm (depth). It is clearly evident from the dimensions that Tower air conditioners stand like a tower. And therefore, sometimes, tower air conditioners are also termed as floor standing AC units. These tower AC Units are also portable in nature and can be moved from one place to another provided copper piping connections are not disturbed. Tower AC Units are available in various capacities ranging from 1 Ton (TR), 2 Tons (TR), 3 Tons (TR), 4 Tons (TR). The price for a tower air conditioner falls in the range of Rs 32900 to 109500. Tower AC provides flexibility compared to the split or window AC systems. Since these tower air conditioners provide flexibility and therefore these floor standing AC units can be an ideal choice for small offices, startups, showrooms, shops, cafeterias, bars, pubs, restaurants, etc. 


Just like a standard split AC or window AC systems, the tower AC also comprises an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The indoor unit is connected to the outdoor unit via copper pipes to complete the refrigerant cycle. Additionally, the communication wire between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit provides the control. The Outdoor unit comprises a compressor and the condensing coil. Whereas the indoor unit comprises an expansion valve and the evaporator coil. In most of the tower AC systems that are prevalent in India, the rotary / twin rotary compressor is used. The refrigerant used is R32. These floor standing AC units can cool a given room or space in a quick span of time by throwing the conditioned air directly at places where cooling is instantly required. At the same time, the airflow angle provided by the tower AC units allow for an instant cooling experience at desired places. Because of this instant cooling feature, the tower air conditioners are gaining in popularity in India especially in shops, showrooms, restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, startups, small offices, etc.


Major manufacturers of Tower AC units are Blue star, Voltas, Lloyd, LG, Daikin, Haier, Panasonic, Carrier, Hitachi, Samsung, Mitsubishi, O General etc. However, Voltas Tower AC, Blue star tower AC, Daikin Tower AC, Lloyd tower AC, LG Tower AC, Haier Tower AC are the preferred options. Even though both the fixed-speed and inverter Tower AC units are available in the marketplace, the fixed-speed ‘Cooling only’ mode is the most selling product among these floor standing units. 


The installation of these tower air conditioning units is easy. At the same time, it is equally easy to dismantle these units from one place and install them again in a new place. The flexibility provided by the tower air conditioners is what makes them unique among the various air conditioning products prevalent in the Indian marketplace. And the maintenance of these floor standing units is similar to what we see in standard split and windows systems.

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Voltas Tower AC

Voltas Tower AC is available in the capacities of 2 Ton (TR), 3 Ton (TR), and 4 Ton (TR). At present, ‘cooling only’ Tower AC Units are offered by Voltas. These are fixed-speed units with rotary and twin rotary compressors. R32 is the refrigerant used in these Voltas Tower AC units. These units are also termed as slimline air conditioners from Voltas. The name slimline indicates the sleek and tall design that allows these units to be placed in small places with a relative ease.
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