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Threaded Rod

A threaded rod as the name suggests is a rod with thread across its entire length. A threaded rod is also known as threaded bar. A threaded rod comes in different diameters and lengths. M6 (6mm), M8 (8mm), M10 (10mm), M12 (12mm), M14 (14mm), M16 (16mm), M18 (18mm), M20 (20mm), M22 (22mm), M24 (24mm), M27 (27mm), M30 (30mm), M33 (33mm), M36 (36mm), M39 (39mm), M42 (42mm), M45 (45mm), M48 (48mm) are generally available in the Indian marketplace. The length of these threaded rod is available either in 1 meter length or 2 meter length or 3 meter length. Out of these available threaded rods, 8mm threaded rod and 10mm threaded rod are frequently used in a variety of applications. In the HVAC sector, Indoor machines of Duct-able AC, Ceiling suspended Air Handling Units AHU, Fan coil units FCU, Ducting (rectangular, oval, or round), a variety of VRF VRV Indoor machines (cassette AC, In-the-ceiling type AC) are frequently suspended from the ceiling. And therefore, threaded bars or threaded rods of different diameters and lengths are used to suspend these indoor machines. M10 threaded rod, M8 threaded rod are most often used threaded rods in the HVAC sector. M10 threaded rod is also termed as 10mm threaded rod. Likewise, M8 threaded rod is also termed as 8mm threaded rod.

There are thousands of manufacturers of these threaded rods across India. These rods come in different grades of 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 6.6, 8.8, A307, A25 or per the specific requirements. Electro zinc plated (blueish white & yellow golden), Mechanical galvanizing, hot dip galvanizing, auto black, Rilsan Blue, etc. are some of the finishings or coatings that are performed on a typical threaded rod.

The thread on these rods is MM, UNC, BSW, 60 degree thread angle.

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Full Threaded Rod - 8mm threaded rod - 10mm threaded rod - M10 threaded rod - M8 threaded rod - Threaded Bar

Available in the diameters ranging from M5 (5mm) to M60 (60mm). However, 6mm threaded rod (also known as M6 threaded rod), 8mm threaded rod (M8 threaded rod), 10mm threaded rod (also termed as M10 threaded rod), 12mm threaded rod (M12 threaded rod) are most often used in the HVAC sector. The length of these threaded rods (also known as threaded bars) ranges from 1 meter to 3 meters. The finish or coating is generally Electro zinc plated.
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