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Tata GI Sheet - Plain

Tata GI Plain sheet is used in the HVAC industry. These sheets are available in thickness of 0.45mm to 2mm. However, in the HVAC industry, 26 gauge 0.5mm, 24 gauge 0.6mm, 22 gauge 0.8mm, 20-gauge 1mm, 18 gauge 1.2mm, 16 gauge 1.6mm of GI sheets are most often used. The sheet length is typically 8 feet whereas the sheet width is either 3 feet or 4 feet. The zinc coating of 80 GSM or 120 GSM is also provided. GSM stands for Gram per Square Meter.
Manufacturer: Tata Steel Limited
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Tata GI Plain sheet or coil is available across India with following specifications:

Sheet thickness of 0.45mm to 2mm. However, sheets with thickness of 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm are generally used in the HVAC industry.

Sheet width varies from 900mm to 1520mm.

Various lengths are possible such as full coil or slit coil, cut to length sheets, and blanks. For HVAC applications, the preferred length for sheets is 8 feet.

Grades of DQ, CQ, EDD, DDQ, High strength, IF are available.

Zinc Coating mass varies from 60-550 GSM. However, the preferred coating mass for HVAC applications is either 80 GSM or 120 GSM.


Advantages of Tata GI Sheet:

Absolute flatness (no waviness)

High quality surface finish

Uniform Zinc coating

High degree of corrosion resistance

Strict thickness tolerance that produces higher yields

Coating that is lead free, therefore, environment friendly and ROHS compliant

Paint adhesion properties that are top notch

Easy to transport and maintain