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O General VRF System - Airstage J and V Series Central Air Conditioning System (Cooling in summers and heating in winters) - Outdoor Unit ODU from 4 HP to 18 HP

O General VRF System - Airstage J and V Series Central Air Conditioning System (Cooling in summers and heating in winters) - Outdoor Unit ODU from 4 HP to 18 HP. O General Airstage J-IVS series 4 HP, 5 HP, 6 HP. O General Airstage J-IVL series 8 HP, 10 HP, 12 HP, 14 HP, 16 HP, 18 HP. O General Airstage V series 8 HP to 18 HP with combinations of up to 54 HP.
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O General VRF Outdoor ODU J - IVS Specifications

O General VRF Outdoor ODU J - IVL Specifications

O General Airstage J-IVS has a compact design with a height of 998 mm that does not obstruct visibility even when installed near waist-level windows. This model is ideal for large houses, retail stores, and other properties. J-IVS model is available in 4 HP, 5 HP, 6 HP capacity. Due to compact size design and flexible piping design, J-IVS series can be installed easily at a place where the installation space is limited such as homes, shops, and small offices. It is possible to connect multiple indoor units of various capacities and types. ALL-DC Technology, 3-row heat exchanger, and large capacity DC twin rotary compressor put together allow for an economical individual air conditioning even though the size is compact.

O General Airstage J-IVL is an outdoor unit with a slim design offering a high degree of freedom of installation that is recommended for mid-size office buildings and hotels. Furthermore, you can connect up to 42 indoor units with newly added 14/16/18 HP models. 14/16/18 HP models are also ideal for hospitals, educational facilities with many rooms. Top class low operating sound is achieved. Highly suited for densely populated areas thanks to their low operating sound. The optimum heat exchanger structure allows for connection of up to 30-42 indoor units. Available to various small rooms. Although the new 14/16/18 HP models can handle slightly larger capacity requirements, they have a slim depth of 480 mm. These models can be introduced and installed even in small spaces. 

O General Airstage V series systems can be designed to effectively provide an air conditioning solution from a large domestic residence through to a large scale commercial building. O General VRF is designed for tropical weather. 8 HP to 54 HP outdoor units are possible with an increment of 2 HP. Up to 150% is the connectable indoor unit capacity ratio. Possible to operate cooling up to 52 degrees C ambient temperature. PCB and all metallic components are provided protection against corrosion. 


High Efficiency - Improved efficiency is made achievable by using inverter technology, DC twin rotary compressor, and large heat exchanger.

High efficiency design with top class SEER/SCOP - All VRF series have DC technology to achieve high efficiency operation. This enhances the durability and reliability of the VRF series.

New intelligent refrigerant control - Fujitsu General brings new refrigerant control. New refrigerant control can be operated with suitable control corresponding to the heat load of the room and can offer a more comfortable space. More energy savings are achieved by the New refrigerant control.

Precise refrigerant flow control - precise and smooth refrigerant flow control is achieved by using a DC inverter control in conjunction with individual indoor unit electronic expansion valve control. This allows high precision comfortable temperature control of +- 0.5 Degrees C.

Quiet operation.

Outdoor unit operation can be made rotational.

Backup operation is possible in case one compressor fails.


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