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O General Ductable AC 5.4, 7.05, 10.5, 12.7, 16.5, 24.2 Tons (TR)

O General Ductable AC 5.4, 7.05, 10.5, 12.7, 16.5, 24.2 Tons (TR). O General offers both Inverter and Non-Inverter Ductable Air Conditioners. O General’s non-inverter duct type air conditioners are engineered to deliver consistently powerful cooling even at high ambient temperatures. Besides, the thermal sensor in the remote controller lets you work in comfort at all times irrespective of the temperature outside. At the same time, the inverter ductable air conditioner provides perfect total air conditioning systems that offer smooth support by tenant, by purpose, and footfall in any commercial building.
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Specifications (Zoom to view the specs)

O General Ductable AC Specifications

1. Slim and compact design:

In the case of bottom return air connection, not only does the indoor unit design allow for installation in a narrow ceiling space of up to 270 mm. Further, the space savings have been achieved by mounting the electrical control box internally inside the chassis. 

2. Low Noise:

Turbulent airflow is reduced by cutting off the corners of conventional indoor unit front panel and fan case. Low noise is realized by adopting a plastic case, a plastic fan. 

3. Easy Maintenance:

Structural improvement is attained by making the bottom panel in two pieces, front and rear. The internal fan casing is also manufactured in two pieces, upper and lower. The maintenance of the motor and fan can be easily carried out by removing the rear panel and lower part of the casing while leaving the main chassis installed. 

4. High energy efficiency:

Energy efficiency is improved drastically by new airflow design.