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Mandev Copper Fittings

Mandev produces copper fittings such as T shaped joints, U shaped joints, elbows, and simple sockets. Typical outer diameter range of these fittings is 6.35 mm to 54.1 mm. And the wall thickness range is 0.5 mm to 1.6 mm.
Manufacturer: Mandev Tubes Pvt Ltd
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These fittings are used while carrying out the copper piping work in VRF VRV systems, Ductable AC systems, Chiller systems, and Air Handling Units. These fittings come in all sizes to facilitate the process of piping work seamlessly in any given HVAC project.

BS-EN and other similar standards are followed while making these copper fittings.

Mandev Copper Fittings are graded BS-106

Spectro chemical analysis, tensile, hardness, eddy current, flattening, flaring, and testing are some of the inspections that are carried out while manufacturing these copper fittings.

Mandev Copper Fittings come with the product name MT - EcoFit / MT - EcoFit +