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Jindal GI Sheet - JSW

Jindal GI Sheet marked as JSW GI Sheet comes in the thickness range of 0.08mm to 3mm. The width of these sheets’ ranges from 760mm to 1335mm. In the HVAC sector, 0.5mm (26 gauge), 0.6mm (24 gauge), 0.8mm (22 gauge), 1mm (20 gauge). 1.2mm (18 gauge), 1.6mm (16 gauge) thick sheets are generally used. The Zinc coating of 120 GSM or 80 GSM is provided. The GI Sheets of size 8 feet x 3 feet or 8 feet x 4 feet are available.
Manufacturer: JSW Steel Ltd.
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Grades: EN 10326, EN 10327, IS 277, JIS G 3302, ASTM A 653, AS1397

JSW GI Sheet Specifications

JSW GI Sheet Technical Details

JSW GI Sheet Zinc Coating

JSW GI Sheet Zinc Coating in GSM


Better corrosion resistance properties: JSW GI Sheets offer longer service life because of superior resistance properties to corrosion. 

Heat reflectivity: The JSW GI Sheet comes with a shiny surface. This shine is maintained even after exposure to high temperatures. Since it is reflective in nature, the shiny surface ensures energy efficiency. This is highly desirable in the HVAC sector. The heat reflective properties of these sheets also make them environment friendly.

Formability: The GI sheets can be readily rolled. Additionally, these JSW GI sheets can be formed as per the shape and size required to fabricate ducts, louvers, grills, dampers, AHU trays, etc.

Paint ability: The Jindal GI sheet can be easily painted to match the interior. The duct lines, AHUs, dampers, louvers, etc. can be painted easily to match the interiors of a building.