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Indigo Copper Tubes and Pipes for VRV VRF system, Duct-able system, AHU, Chiller system

Indigo provides a complete range of copper pipe and tubes for the HVAC industry. Indigo copper tubes are used in the VRF VRV system, chiller system, duct-able system, and AHUs. Indigo copper pipes and tubes are CFC free compatible and RoHS compliant. These copper tubes and pipes are manufactured by following the proper processes and standards. Indigo copper pipes and tubes are available in sizes of (2/8 inches or 6.4 mm), (3/8 inches or 9.5 mm), (4/8 inches or 12.7 mm), (5/8 inches or 15.9 mm), (6/8 inches or 19.1 mm), (7/8 inches or 22.2 mm), (8/8 inches or 25.4 mm), (9/8 inches or 28.6 mm), (10/8 inches or 31.8 mm), (11/8 inches or 34.9 mm), (12/8 inches or 38.1 mm), (13/8 inches or 41.3 mm), (14/8 inches or 44.5 mm). Indigo copper pipes and tubes come in the form of hard pipe (length) and soft pipe (roll). Each length measures 10 feet whereas each roll measures 50 feet.
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Indigo Copper Tubes Specifications

Indigo Copper Tubes Sizes

Indigo Copper Pipe Sizes


  • These copper tubes and pipes are manufactured using advanced technological processes of melting (induction furnaces), extrusion (hydraulic extrusion press), cold drawing (pilger mills), drawbenches, process annealing (gas fired furnaces), final annealing (bright annealing furnaces), straightening and coiling, inspection and testing.
  • Quality is of highest order. Each and every product is tested before dispatch.
  • Total residue remains under 0.03 gram / square meter as specified by ASTM B280 EN12735-1.
  • Latest refrigerant R-410A Compatible.
  • Eddy current testing to ensure there are no defects in these copper tubes and pipes.
  • Bright annealing process for hardness uniformity along the length and circumference of the tube.
  • Mandrel technique during redrawing for concentricity of tubes.



Indigo Copper tubes and pipes are suitable for VRV / VRF system, Duct-able system, Chiller system, and Air Handling Units. These tubes come in the form of coils (soft rolls) and lengths (hard tubes). Coils can be easily used without any socket or elbow. Whereas for lengths, sockets and elbows are used for bends and joints. The tubes starting from 6/8 inches or 19.1 mm come in the form of lengths whereas tubes starting from 2/8 inches (6.4 mm) to 5/8 (15.9 mm) inches come in the form of coils.