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HVAC Company in Mumbai

Mumbai, located on the west coast of India, is the biggest economy in India with a nominal GDP of 278 billion US$ in 2021. It is by far the richest city in India. It is the entertainment, commercial, financial, and fashion capital of India. And therefore, it is no surprise that Mumbai’s infrastructure is on the rise. Be it ports, rail networks, road networks, sea links, or airports, the city is continuously expanding its existing infrastructure to cater to the needs of the burgeoning population. Mumbai’s population has grown from 18,464,000 in 2011 to 21,297,000 in 2023. The growing population as well as rising income levels and changing lifestyles require constant upgrade of existing infrastructure and continuous building up of new infrastructure. Besides residential buildings and commercial office buildings, the development of social infrastructure such as schools, malls, hospitals, hotels, universities, recreational centers, shopping complexes is on the rise. Being a tropical city, Mumbai’s climate falls under the category of ‘tropical wet and dry’. And therefore as the infrastructure in Mumbai expands, the need for centralized ventilation and centralized air conditioning grows. 

HVAC Company in Mumbai

The HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) sector is growing in Mumbai. And being a leading HVAC Company in Mumbai and India, TheSmartHVAC has designed and executed several HVAC projects for office buildings, malls, clinics, and hospitals in the Mumbai region. From the standard chiller-AHU-Ductwork projects to VRF VRV projects to Ductable system projects, TheSmartHVAC offers complete end-to-end HVAC solutions to clients across Mumbai region. End-to-end HVAC solutions include gathering the requirements, preparing the designs, preparing the various solutions, discussing with clients, finalizing the ideal solution, procuring the material machinery and equipment, and finally installing the equipment as per the drawing prepared in the design phase. Utmost attention is paid in the design phase not only to arrive at the ideal HVAC solution for the building under consideration but also to optimize the costs. TheSmartHVAC with its in-house team of designers and installers undertake most complex HVAC projects across Mumbai and deliver these HVAC projects as per the design. There is no such thing as ‘one solution fits all’. And therefore, being a leading air conditioning company in Mumbai, TheSmartHVAC spends a considerable amount of time in understanding the building under consideration and client’s specific needs. Only after that, design work starts in consultation with the client. Once the best solution has been chosen in close consultation with the client, TheSmartHVAC starts procuring the equipment and then installation starts as per the design and drawing.

Air Conditioning Company in Mumbai

TheSmartHVAC has designed and executed several VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) and VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) projects in Mumbai for various Startups, small offices, warehouses, and large residential houses. Bandra Kurla Complex, Borivali, Andheri, Goregaon, Ghatkopar, and South Mumbai are some of the micro markets in the Mumbai region wherein TheSmartHVAC has successfully delivered VRF VRV projects. Besides VRF VRV projects, TheSmartHVAC has undertaken various Ductable system projects for restaurants, bars, clubs in Mumbai. And being a renowned HVAC company in Mumbai, TheSmartHVAC has partnered with architects and MEP consultants to design and execute ventilation projects for residential and commercial buildings. The ventilation projects typically involve high-volume ducting work along with tube axial fans / jet fans. Large Chiller systems are used in hospitals, hotels, malls, office buildings, and TheSmartHVAC in partnership with leading builders in the city of Mumbai has executed several main chiller plant projects and at the same time completed subtasks in a chiller system project. Some of these tasks include Supplying and installing of Air Handling Units AHU, Fan Coil Units FCU. Other sub tasks include Insulation work, MS Pipe work, Valve work, and ducting work.


The city of Mumbai has some of the tallest commercial real estate buildings in India. And therefore, lift lobby and staircase pressurization becomes an important fire safety measure. In the last several years, TheSmartHVAC has accumulated significant design and execution expertise when it comes to lift lobby and staircase pressurization projects. The company has delivered many such HVAC projects in the Mumbai region especially for the high rise commercial office buildings. The tube axial fans required for lift lobby and staircase pressurization projects are procured either from Kruger or from Nicotra. Duct sizes are calculated as per the air volume of tube axial fans. 22 gauge of GI (Galvanized Iron) sheets are used for fabricating the ducts. 


In addition to the VRF VRV systems, Ductable systems, chiller systems, pressurization projects, TheSmartHVAC has also designed and executed several air-quality improvement projects inside commercial buildings in the Mumbai region. This is done by deploying gas sensors, motorized dampers, actuators, and controllers. The goal is to maintain indoor air quality with appropriate concentration of Oxygen. As a technology driven HVAC company in Mumbai, TheSmartHVAC leverages the latest state-of-the-art technology to deliver precise indoor air-quality solutions to clients. 


TheSmartHVAC not only designs and executes HVAC projects but also ensures that energy-efficiency is achieved in residential and commercial buildings in Mumbai. An HVAC system consumes more that 65% of energy in any given commercial building, be it a hotel, or a mall, or a hospital, or an office building. Therefore, TheSmartHVAC focuses on optimizing the operating expenses (electricity bill) while ensuring that the capital expenses are kept under a targeted budget. Old HVAC systems are automated to comply with new energy standards. TheSmartHVAC undertakes such automation projects across the Mumbai region. 


TheSmartHVAC is an authorized seller for some of the leading original equipment manufacturers. Whether its a chiller system, or a ductable system, or a VRF VRV system, TheSmartHVAC procures these high-value products directly from OEMs and delivers at the client side. The other low-side installation material such as insulation material, ducting material, valve sets, pipes, wires, dampers, grills, diffusers, actuators, sensors, drain pipes, etc. are also procured directly from the manufacturers and delivered at the client side. This results in operational efficiency while at the same time keeps the total HVAC costs under budget. Contact TheSmartHVAC for a chiller system, ductable system, VRF VRV system, indoor air-quality system, automation system in Mumbai at [email protected].