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Hitachi Ductable AC 1.5, 2, 3, 5.5, 8.5, 11, 16.5 Tons (TR) with 3 Years Warranty on the Compressor - Call for Quote (+91 9650110202)

Hitachi Ductable AC is available in 1.5 Tons, 2 Tons, 3 Tons, 5.5 Tons, 8.5 Tons, 11 Tons, 16.5 Tons. This range of air conditioners offer factory charged and tested refrigerant, ease of installation, ease of operations and safety features that are customized to best meet the consumers’ needs. Powerful (More Efficient) • Part Load Operation • Phase Starting of Compressor Comfort (Ease of Operation) • Wireless Remote. Proficient (Enhanced Performance) • Silent Operation • Factory Charged Refrigerant. Reliable (Higher Ambient Temperature) • Up to 52˚C. Safety (Safer Units) • Advanced Microprocessor Control. Flexibility (Design Convenience) • Flexibility in IDU Mounting • Compact Design.
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Key Features:

  • 1 year warranty on the machine and 3 years warranty on the compressor
  • High static pressure
  • Lower sound levels - Quiet Operation
  • Comes with factory filled Refrigerant (R-410A Gas)
  • Works perfectly even at High 52 degrees C Ambient Temperature


Specifications (Zoom to view individual specs)

hitachi ductable ac Toushi Series R410A

hitachi ductable ac Toushi Series R22

hitachi ductable ac Toushi Twin Rotary Series R410A

Compact design

The Outdoor Unit comes with a new sleek chassis that offers better aesthetics. Floor space is reduced by 24% and volume is reduced by 13%. Therefore, the area occupied is less and that results in more space.

Tropical design

Designed for high ambient conditions, these units guarantee reliable operation even at 52°C outdoor air temperature. Apart from many other reliability tests, the units have been tested for ‘maximum overload’ condition at 52°C in our state-of-the-art test labs.

  • Cooling capacity is optimum • The duration is low • And High COP

Phase starting of compressor

The start-up of compressors of the same machine is delayed by the microprocessor that comes embedded in the controller.

Part load operation of multiple compressor

As soon as the room temperature nears the set temperature, the microprocessor that comes embedded in the controller starts to shut off the compressors in a phased manner. The whole operation takes place automatically. • Energy saving • Prevents redundancy • Reduces wear & tear of compressor • Prevents overcooling

Engineered blower housing design

To reduce the sound level in the model, the design of the blower housing has been modified. And to achieve uniform airflow, the discharge area and suction area are increased. Moreover, to minimize the effect of turbulence in airflow, the volute design has been improved as well. It is a 2-piece design that’s made with FR grade ABS plastics.

Remote controller

Introducing a new wireless remote controller along with a standard wired controller.

Its key features are:

  • Seven segment display • Wireless remote sensing • Modes: cool and fan • Room temperature setting 160 c to 300 c • Room and set temperature display • 24-hour timer • Self-diagnosis • Manual compressor selection • Auto restart • Compressor run time indication

Flexibility in convertible IDU

Looking at the space constraints, the new 16.5 TR unit of the Toushi series has been specially designed with a convertible fan compartment and coil compartment. The same indoor unit can thus be used as floor mounted or ceiling suspended. 

Advanced microprocessor controller

The advanced microprocessor embedded in the controller safeguards compressor from the following:

  • Over Current/Overload - An excessive amount of heat is generated in the system when a compressor is subjected to increased current. This results in the breakdown of the insulation, and therefore, the life expectancy of the compressor decreases. The Hitachi advanced microprocessor controller tackles this issue.
  • Over/Under Voltage - During voltage fluctuation, the protection circuit will shut down the supply or clamp the output, preventing any damage to the compressor.
  • Single Phase/Phase Loss - If any phase in the compressor stops working, then it draws full current in the circuit hence increasing the load on the unit. In that scenario, the protection circuit clamps the output and the device is saved from any further damage.
  • High/Low Pressure - When the pressure level crosses the upper/lower limit of the safe region, the protection circuit will trip the compressor and save the device from further damage.
  • Reverse Phase - If the 3-phase circuit starts operating in reverse direction, then the compressor runs in an anticlockwise direction resulting in breakdown. A protection circuit is available with the unit so that the 3-phase system works in proper condition and if default occurs then the machine trips until the fault is rectified. Benefits • Low power consumption • Safety of other home appliances • Increased life expectancy of unit • Lower maintenance cost.

Factory charged refrigerant

The Hitachi ductable unit has factory charged refrigerant. In order to ensure best performance of the units when installed at the site, all the units are tested in the factory under standard quality parameters. All units are equipped with a service valve, which provides pump down of refrigerant and hassle-free relocation of the unit.

Anti corrosive condenser fin coating*

Specially-coated corrosion-resistant blue fins are used for Outdoor Units in order to ensure longer life.

Scroll compressor

Optimum cooling efficiency is achieved by the use of the Scroll Compressor over the entire operating range. The simple internal suction and discharge valves enhance quieter operation and considerably less moving parts of the unit ensure less wear and tear, which increases reliability when compared to conventional compressor. The scroll compressor provides a unique  ability to start under any system load without start components, additionally it also provides better liquid handling capability.This makes air conditioner more reliable. Benefits • High volumetric efficiency • Unmatched durability or reliability • Low sound level and low vibration • Unloaded start and smooth operation • Accurate temperature control • Optimized operational cost

Twin rotary compressor

The next generation high efficiency Twin rotary compressors are designed with patented technologies like Oil Stabilization Technology, DLC Coating and Oil Guiding Holes. It offers powerful performance with advanced technologies, high reliability with higher loads, longevity with lesser wear and tear of internal parts and better performance with longer pipe lengths. Crafted to ensure smooth functioning, it provides the consumers with optimal comfort.

Oil Stabilization Technology

It enhances the capability of the compressor to store oil in the sump and protect its rotating parts from wear and tear.

DLC Coating

Hitachi Cooling & Heating’s unique patented technology of Diamond Like Carbon coating in vane and engine piston reduces abrasive wear of the compressor and ensures reliability of engine parts.

Oil Filtering Technology

Oil is separated more efficiently from the refrigerant by leveraging oil filtering technology. The technology works even for longer pipe lengths i.e. when the ODU and IDU are placed far apart. Benefits • High reliability with higher loads • Lesser wear and tear of the internal parts • Better performance at longer pipe lengths • Powerful performance • Advanced technologies

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