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Glass Wool Insulation

Twiga glass wool insulation is recommended for use in both cold and hot applications. Density ranges from 10 KG/Cubic Meter to 130 KG/Cubic Meter. Whereas Twiga Glass wool rolls, sheets, boards, slabs of thickness 12 mm, 25 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm are available. It is effective in a wide temperature range of - 190 degrees Celsius to 230 degrees Celsius.
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Glass Wool Insulation Specifications

Glass Wool Insulation Technical Details

Thermal Conductivity

Glass Wool Insulation Thermal Conductivity

Thermal resistance

Glass Wool Insulation Thermal Resistance


  • The Glass wool sheet is suitable for both thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Available in the form of rolls, and boards. Therefore, Twiga Glass wool can be easily applied to HVAC ducts, AHUs, and for acoustic lining purposes.
  • Glass wool is an ideal insulation material for extreme temperature ranges. From minus190 degrees to plus 230 degrees Celsius. For special applications up to 450 degrees Celsius, high temperature binder is available. 
  • Twiga Glass Wool is chemically inert. Does not cause or accelerate corrosion. Rot proof and odorless. 
  • Non combustible and conforms to fire performance of class O and class 1.
  • Inorganic and therefore does not stimulate growth of fungi and vermin.
  • Tear strength that’s very high and therefore Twiga Glass Wool is not prone to sagging or settling.
  • Negligible water/moisture absorption.



In certain applications such as in Hot Yoga Studios, industries, manufacturing plants where heating panels, boilers, furnaces are constantly used, Glass wool insulation is needed to provide insulation to HVAC ducts, AHUs, and pipes. Since all these HVAC equipment and machinery will be exposed to high temperature ranges, therefore, it becomes necessary to apply glass wool as the appropriate insulation material. Glass wool insulation works well from -190 to 230 degrees C. At the same time, Glass wool is an excellent material for acoustic insulation especially for the AHUs, plenums, Sound attenuator/box, Generator canopy, Vibration control at automobile crash testing pit, Banquet, Amphitheatre, Cinema halls, .etc.

Glass Wool Insulation Applications

Glass Wool Insulation Usage