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Fiber Glass Wool for Insulating Pipes

UP Twiga offers factory finished and customized pipe insulation made from glass fibers. These glass fibers are bonded together by a binder that provides high temperature resistance. Twiga pipe insulation comes in the form of tubes suitable for pipes with diameter ranging from 20 mm NB to 300 NB and above. These tubes made from Fiber Glass Wool are available with or without aluminium foil laminations. The wall thickness of these tubes varies from 25 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 65 mm, to 75 mm. The standard density is 80 KG/Cubic Meter.
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Fiber Glass Wool Specifications


  • Resistant to oil, bacteria, rot, fungi, chemicals, vermin attack.
  • Non corrosive to metal or other pipe material
  • Since the product comes in the form of tubes, therefore, very easy to transport and very easy to install.
  • High Thermal resistance properties
  • Very low thermal conductivity
  • Non combustible, fire safe, and does not release toxic fumes.
  • It is a green building material. 
  • Works effectively even in high temperature range from -190 - 230 degrees C
  • Class O Fire rating
  • High density of 80 KG/Cubic Meter



In an HVAC system, a chiller system is used to supply chilled water to the Air Handling Units. The MS pipes carrying this chilled water should be perfectly insulated in order to ensure that this chilled water does not gain heat from the ambience. Therefore, these pipes are insulated with fiberglass wool. In other applications, Fiber Glass Wool is also used to insulate hot water pipes. In certain specific industries, drain pipes and copper pipes are also insulated with Fiber Glass Wool.