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Fan Coil Unit FCU - Zeco

A fan coil unit ranging from 1 TR to 4 TR is typically manufactured by Zeco Aircon. These FCU units come equipped with AHRI certified coil and energy efficient blower. 3 rows or 4 rows coils can be selected.
Manufacturer: Zeco Aircon Limited
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  • Compact in design
  • Easily accessible for servicing and maintenance
  • Drain pan made from SS is included
  • Coil performance that is certified by AHRI 410
  • Water inlet and outlet comes in an elegant tripod shape
  • Lower noise levels
  • 3 rows or 4 rows coils (cooling or heating)
  • 2 pipe or 4 pipe mechanism
  • Comes equipped with Nano filters and media filters
  • Permanent split capacitor motor or EC motor slant

Zeco FCU Specifications

Zeco FCU Dimensions

Optional accessories:

  • Thermostat
  • EC Fans
  • BLDC motor
  • Electric heater
  • Anti-corrosive coating
  • Copper fins
  • PICV Valve
  • Two-way valve
  • Hydrophilic coated cooling coils