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Fan Coil Unit FCU - Waves Aircon

Waves Aircon FCU comes in the capacity of 800 CFM (2 TR) to 10000 CFM (25 TR). There is a choice of single skin construction or double skin construction. The coil can either be 3-row or 4-row. Customized FCU units are also available.
Manufacturer: Waves Aircon Pvt. Ltd.
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Tangential fans that are inbuilt in a FCU unit.

Low noise levels.

Copper cooling coil along with mechanically expanded aluminum fins. 

Modern and elegant cabinet design.

Anti-corrosion properties

17 and 25mm thick panels are used to construct the double skin AC FCU.

Easy to maintain and easy to install.

Cabinet material - Galvanized powder coated.

Sturdy design and construction.

Energy efficient.

BMS compatible.



The Waves FCU can be used in small as well as in large spaces.

Since the FCU unit can be customized, it is possible to cool the large spaces such as auditoriums, halls, food courts, offices, and clinics.

Fittings can be done as per the client’s requirements.