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Fan Coil Unit FCU - Edgetech

Edgetech Fan Coil Units come in various configurations. Single skin construction with a capacity of 1 TR to 5 TR. Double skin construction with a capacity of 1 TR to 5 TR. Single skin construction with DC fan with a capacity of 1 TR to 3 TR. 3 fan speeds (low, medium, high) are provided for comfortable operation. Choice of 3 rows or 4 rows coil.
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Features and Benefits:

Low noise levels result in a comfortable ambience.

Compact design and low height of Edgetech FCU ensures that ceiling heights are not reduced and therefore occupants comfort is greatly enhanced.

Large range of FCUs means selection can be flexible depending on the application.

Superior air distribution with relatively higher static pressure.

Installation process is straightforward with threaded brass connector for pipe connections. Purge as well as drain valves are provided in order to commission these FCUs easily. Therefore commissioning and installation costs are reduced.

Ease in maintenance.



Edgetech FCUs come either in single skin construction or double skin construction. Single skin construction FCUs are made with heavy duty and pre-coated galvanized steel sheets. Double skin construction FCUs comprise 0.6mm outer skin and 0.6mm inner skin.

The chilled/hot water heat exchangers (coil) are made of copper tubes (3/8 inches or 1/2 inches diameter) that are mechanically expanded into aluminum fins. These coils are pressure tested at 21 KG/square cm under water. Choice of 3 rows or 4 rows coil.

Drain tray is made from 22 gauge SS 304. The outer pan is made from 22 Gauge galvanized steel sheet. The pan is insulated with nitrile rubber insulation.

Fan deck is integrated perfectly with direct drive DIDW Forward curved balanced centrifugal blowers. Based on the size of the FCU, the fan deck comprises single or double or multiple direct driven DIDW forward curved impellers.

Options of conventional AC induction motor or BLDC motor.

High quality low pressure drop filters.