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Edgetech Air Washer

Edgetech manufactures Air washer systems for customers across India. These air washer units are also called evaporative cooling units. Edgetech air systems builds air washer units that utilize the two stages in an evaporative cooling process. In the first stage (also known as indirect evaporative cooling), water evaporation process takes place without actually increasing the humidity in the incoming air. In the second stage (also known as direct evaporative cooling), the incoming air from the first stage passes through the air washer unit and loses its heat further and that results in evaporation of the water.

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Air Washer System - Edgetech

Edgetech produces air washers with a capacity range of 1200 CFM to 40000 CFM. However, larger capacities of air washer units can be manufactured based on the demand. Edgetech Air washer system comes with a two-stage evaporative cooling process. The air washer units are generally used in industries, manufacturing plants, warehouses, industrial plants, etc.
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