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Duct Insulation - XLPE

Duct insulation in an HVAC system is an important task or activity that must be carried out with precision. Cool air passing through the air conditioning ducts must not gain heat from the ambience. Therefore, AC ducts are insulated. XLPE or Cross-Linked Polyethylene is a closed cell insulation that offers very low thermal conductivity and therefore is ideal for AC Duct insulation. Aerolam XLPE insulation for ducts come in the form of sheets and rolls with wall thickness of 6 mm, 9 mm, 13 mm, 15 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm.
Manufacturer: Aerolam
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XLPE Insulation Specifications

XLPE Insulation Fire and Smoke Properties


  • The overall performance of the HVAC system improves with XLPE insulation for AC ducts. The energy consumption reduces.
  • The XLPE material is anti-fungal. Therefore, fungal growth around the ductwork will not happen.
  • Installation of XLPE is very straightforward as it comes in the form of sheets or rolls. These sheets or rolls can be easily installed over the duct surface using an appropriate adhesive.
  • XLPE does not absorb water/moisture.
  • XLPE insulation works effectively in a wide range of ambient temperatures and conditions.
  • If insulation is carried out on the outer surface of the AC duct, then, various cladding options are available. Options such as Alupet, Glass cloth, Aluminum Foil, Aeroclad, UV Black can be laminated over the XLPE insulation sheet.



Ductwork in any given HVAC system allows the movement of air from Air handling units, Ductable AC systems, Axial fans to the desired parts of the building. This air must not gain or lose heat as it passes through the ducts. Therefore, insulation work is carried on ducts. This insulation can either be provided on the inner or outer surface of the duct. In most cases, round and oval ducts are internally insulated in the factory. Whereas a rectangular duct can be insulated on the outer surface at the project site itself. XLPE insulation is very effective method of duct insulation.