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Daikin Ductable AC Air-Cooled Ducted Air Conditioners 5.5, 8.5, 10.8, 11, 16.5, 16.7, 20.8, 29.2, 41.7 Tons (TR)

Daikin Ductable AC Air-Cooled Ducted Air Conditioners 5.5, 8.5, 10.8, 11, 16.5, 16.7, 20.8, 29.2, 41.7 Tons (TR). Available in both R-410A and R-22 refrigerants. Option to choose from single circuit and Twin Circuit.
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Daikin Ductable AC Air-Cooled Duct Type R-410A Technical Specifications

Daikin Ductable AC Air-Cooled Duct Type R-22 Technical Specifications

Improved Features:

1. Newly wired LCD based remote controller

New wired type LCD based remote handset controller that displays errors alphabetically such as HP, SPPR, indoor fan current sensor, LP, etc. In-built energy saver, glossy finish, and dedicated button.

2. High performance even when the ambient temperature is high

Daikin Air-cooled ducted air conditioners work even at high ambient temperature (48 degrees C) without tripping.

3. Air conditioning components that are best in class 

High grade components that are best in class. Therefore, Daikin Air-cooled ducted air conditioners ensure high cooling, high energy efficiency, high reliability, and high comfort.

4. Over voltage and Under voltage protection

Protection against voltage fluctuation is paramount and Daikin ducted air conditioners offer that. This enhances the operating life of these ducted air conditioners.

5. Phase imbalance in voltage

Voltage imbalance can result in overheating and damage the AC components permanently. Daikin air-cooled ducted air conditioners offer protection against phase imbalance in voltage. 

6. Protection against Phase Loss

Daikin machine displays error on its controller in case of any phase Loss 

7. Protection against Phase reverse 

Phase reversals can result in serious damage to the motor. Therefore, protection from phase reversal is an integral feature of Daikin Air-cooled Ducted air conditioners.

8. Pre-charged refrigerant

Models such as FDR65, FDR100, FDR130, FDR200 come pre-charged with refrigerant for piping length of 7.5 meters.

9. Compact design of indoor machines easily blends with interior decor

Indoor models are designed with twin coil structure and are compact in size. Therefore, during installation, the compact design of indoor machines effectively saves space.

10. Easy maintenance

Ease of maintenance and servicing is ensured because of the simple design. 

11. Scroll compressor

Scroll compressor is used in all of the outdoor units. And that results in energy efficiency and quieter operation.

12. Anti corrosion of heat exchanger fin

Anti-corrosion treatment is provided in the heat exchanger fins of outdoor units.

13. ODU Fan

High efficiency and aerodynamic design based propeller fan.

14. Motor

Better insulation and high RPM motors improves airflow.

15. HP Switch

In case of excess compressor discharge pressure, the high pressure switch cuts off the power supply.

16. LP Switch

For loss of refrigerant charge, the low pressure switch monitors the refrigeration system. It also helps in detecting the lower airflow over the coil, and also in stopping the evaporator coil from freezing due to a dirty/clogged filter.

17. Heat exchanger

Hydrophilic special coating on the fin of the heat exchanger and Blue fin condenser helps in preventing corrosion. This ensures that the life of the unit is extended and at the same time the performance gets enhanced.

18. TEV

To cater to variations in heat load, Thermostatic expansion valve regulates refrigerant flow. Therefore by controlling superheat, the system becomes more efficient and matches system capacity.

19. Drier

By removing high moisture, solid particles, and acids, Filter drier for a liquid line protects the air conditioning system.

20. Stop service valve

To connect indoor and outdoor units, a Stop service valve is used.

21. Metallic PCB box

To ensure safety from fire, Metallic PCB box is provided.

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