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Copper Pipe Insulation - XLPE

Copper pipes and tubes used in the air conditioning industry can be insulated using the XLPE insulation. Aerolam XLPE Tubing for copper pipes and tubes are available in wall thickness of 6 mm, 9 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm. These XLPE insulation tubing come in a length of 2 meters. These XLPE tubes can then easily be used to cover and insulate copper pipes ranging from diameter of 6mm (½") to 108mm (3¼").
Manufacturer: Aerolam
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Specifications (Zoom to view the specs)

XLPE Insulation Specifications

XLPE Insulation Fire and Smoke Properties


  • Suitable to insulate VRF / VRV Copper pipes
  • Copper pipes and tubes used in the Duct-able AC can be effectively insulated using XLPE insulation tubing
  • Excellent insulation material for copper pipelines in other air conditioning systems
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties resulting in reduced energy consumption as the overall performance of the air conditioning system improves
  • No moisture or water absorption
  • Does not aide fungi growth
  • Non-reactive to other chemicals
  • Supports wide temperature range
  • Zero maintenance and easily installable



Copper pipes and tubes are an integral part of any air conditioning system. Whether it is a Duct-able AC system, or a VRV VRF system, or a chiller system, or an air handling unit, copper pipes and tubes are deployed extensively to carry the refrigerant in a closed loop. Therefore, these copper pipes and tubes need to be insulated so that there is no heat exchange between the refrigerant and the ambient.