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Circular duct inline fan - Ostberg

CK, LPK, and LPKB series of circular inline fans are sold by Ostberg in India. CK series of fans are circular in shape, whereas, LPK and LPKB series of fans are rectangular in shape. The CK, LPK, LPKB series of inline fans are available in diameter of 100mm inline fan or 4 inch inline fan, 125mm inline fan or 5 inch inline fan, 150mm inline fan or 6 inch inline fan, 160mm inline fan, 200mm inline fan or 8 inch inline fan, 250mm or 10 inch inline fan, 315mm inline fan. The static pressure and airflow rate is represented on the graph.
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An Inline fan combines the benefits of a radial fan, low sound level and high pressure with straight through airflow that’s provided by an axial fan.

The new casing design, integral guide vanes, improved impeller, and an innovative motor support provides superior technical outcomes including airflow, static pressure, and sound levels.

Ostberg circular 4 inch Inline fan

Ostberg circular 5 inch Inline fan

Ostberg circular 6 inch Inline fan

Ostberg circular 160mm Inline fan

Ostberg circular 8 inch Inline fan

Ostberg circular 10 inch Inline fan

Ostberg circular 315mm Inline fan

Ostberg circular 100mm Inline fan

Ostberg circular 125mm Inline fan

Ostberg circular 150mm Inline fan

Ostberg circular 160 mm Inline fan

Ostberg circular 200mm Inline fan

Ostberg circular 250mm Inline fan

Ostberg circular 315 mm Inline fan


Top notch quality product including state-of-the-art casing design that’s made from pre galvanized steel

Low sound levels

Ease in transportation as well as ease in installation

Backward curved impeller

External rotor motor. The motor has in-built protection. IP44

Straight through airflow

High capacity



Because of the superior technical data, the Ostberg inline fans can handle high pressure and relatively longer duct lines.

The fan speed can be easily moderated by accessories such as a transformer or a thyristor.

High resistance to moisture and therefore Ostberg Inline fan can be easily installed in damp or humid environments. Therefore, these fans are suitable for kitchen areas as well as bathrooms in a typical residential and commercial building.