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Chilled Water Pipe Insulation - XLPE

In an HVAC system, a water-cooled or an air-cooled chiller system is used to provide cooling to the entire building. Chilled water is circulated in a closed loop via the MS pipes of different sizes. Therefore, chilled water pipe insulation is extremely important to make sure that the chilled water does not gain heat from the ambience. XLPE insulation by Aerolam comes in the form of tubes ranging from wall thickness of 6 mm to 50 mm for different diameters of chilled water pipes.
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Specifications (Zoom to view the specs)

XLPE Insulation Specifications

XLPE Insulation Fire and Smoke Properties


  • Good quality insulation for chilled water pipelines.
  • Overall efficiency of the entire HVAC system improves as energy losses are significantly reduced by insulating chilled water pipelines with Aerolam XLPE Insulation tubes.
  • These insulation tubes are very easy to install and transport.
  • Long life and antifungal.
  • Chemically non reactive to external substances.
  • Works perfectly in a wide temperature range from -40 to 105 degrees Celsius.
  • Fire retardant Class O
  • Aerolam XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene) foam available in tube form to insulate chilled water pipes of diameter ranging from 6 mm to 450 mm.
  • Various facings/laminations/coatings such as Aluminum foil, glass cloth, Alupet, Aeroclad available to suit the specific requirements. 



In a hospital, hotel, office building, warehouse, mall, and any other large commercial building, a chiller system is installed to cool the entire building. This chiller system incorporates closed loop chilled water pipelines. The chilled water is circulated in these MS pipes of different diameters. The chilled water then is supplied to the AHU coil. The AHU then supplies the cool air to different parts of the building. All of this circulation of chilled water takes place in a closed loop via the MS Pipes. Therefore, it is mandatory to insulate these MS Pipes with effective insulation material. Aerolam XLPE is highly effective chilled water pipe insulation that can be easily installed on MS Pipes.