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Blue Star VRF System - Variable Refrigerant Flow Central Air Conditioning System (Cooling in summers and heating in winters) - Outdoor Unit ODU from 3.3 HP to 28 HP

Blue Star VRF System - Variable Refrigerant Flow Central Air Conditioning System (Cooling in summers and heating in winters) - Outdoor Unit ODU from 3.3 HP to 28 HP. 100% inverter technology, widest range of outdoor and indoor units, Intelligent and advanced controllers, High efficiency even at high ambient temperatures and conditions, precision control, low deration that results in optimal installed capacity, perfect solution to residential as well as commercial applications, easily operates under diverse loads, high IPLV, Specially built and designed Outdoor Units ODU are some of the unique characteristics of a Blue Star VRF System.
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Specifications (Zoom to view the specs) (Unit conversion, 1 HP of cooling capacity = 2.8 KW of cooling capacity)

Blue Star VRF Specifications


1. Inverter compressor that’s highly efficient - inverter compressor’s unique design ensures that the refrigerant R-410A goes directly into the compressor chamber. Efficiency enhancement - 3%.

2. Compressor Design that incorporates a high pressure discharge chamber - this results in uniform flow of oil irrespective of the compressor speed. Therefore, the Blue Star VRF system can operate even at extremely low loads. Efficiency is also improved by concentrated windings fitted in the compressors. Low power consumption because of the smaller size of the stators.

3. Inverter advantage - maximum possible efficiency is achieved irrespective of the load because of the optimal loading of the compressor. Low starting current is required.

4. ODUs that are specially designed - The ODU design that ensures minimum pressure drop and maximum airflow results in working of the Blue Star VRF system at extremely high and low atmospheric conditions. Condenser coil face area that is 30% higher makes sure that maximum efficiency is achieved.

5. Operating range - the Blue Star VRF can perform from 10 to 56 degrees C in summers and from -10 to 24 degrees C in winters.

6. Best-in-class accumulator design - Use of the largest possible twin accumulator results in operating of the system even at low loads. At the same time, the accumulator ensures that any kind of liquid does not enter the compressor at all.

7. Piping Length - Up to 1 KM if piping length is possible in Blue Star VRF system.

8. Innovation in the refrigerant-cooled heat sink.

9. Oil management system that’s high-class.

10. Design that’s service friendly.

11. ODU design that’s waterproof.

12. PCBs that are coated with polymer film.

13. ODUs available from 3.3 HP to 28 HP. At the same time, up to 4 ODUs can be clubbed together to get the maximum possible capacity of 112 HP.

14. Quieter operations.

15. Emergency backup including the ODU backup and compressor backup within a single ODU.

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