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Air washer unit - by TheSmartHVAC - Triple Skin Casing - Zero Noise - Energy Efficient

TheSmartHVAC air washer unit comes equipped with triple skin casing instead of the standard double skin air washer unit. For the first time in the Indian HVAC marketplace, TheSmartHVAC constructs and manufactures an air washer system with triple skin casing that ensures zero noise, a longer working life of the system, and relatively less maintenance. TheSmartHVAC air washer system is available from airflow volume of 1200 CFM to 100000 CFM. The static pressure is chosen keeping in mind the application of these air washer units. TheSmartHVAC air washer unit is compact, energy-efficient, silent, and robust.
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Construction and Features:

An inhouse team of design engineers at TheSmartHVAC first understands the client’s requirements in detail. Thereafter, the airflow volume and static pressure calculations are carried out. Based on these calculations, the air washer system is designed. Once the design work has been completed, the construction work starts. The first step in the construction of an air washer unit is the development of the triple skin casing body.


Triple skin casing body comprises an outer skin pre-coated 0.8mm GI sheet, an inner skin plain 0.8mm GI sheet, and an innermost skin plain 0.5mm GI sheet with acoustic lining. This results in robustness of the overall air washer unit, a longer lifespan, and silent operation. 


Hollow aluminum profile is chosen. And the panels are generally 25 mm thick, however, in some instances, 40 mm thick panels are also incorporated while constructing the air washer body. These panels are injected with PUF with a density of 40 KG / Cubic meter.


The filter section comprises pre fine filters that are 50mm thick. The incoming air passes through these pre-fine filters before being injected into the air washer unit. The particles, unwanted gasses are filtered out in this stage.

Cellulose pad section: In this section, the filtered air exchanges heat with the cellulose pad. The cellulose pad is 200mm deep. This cellulose pad is kept wet by a constant stream of water. The water is supplied from the tank via a pump. This way the incoming hot air loses heat.


Eliminator section: Eliminator section ensures that moisture or water droplets do not enter the motor and blower section. The incoming air from the cellulose pad section contains moisture and that can be detrimental to the motor and blower. Therefore, an eliminator section is created to remove moisture or water content from the air.


Motor and Blower section: Appropriate rating of motor is chosen. The motor rating depends on the distance the supply air from an air washer unit needs to travel and the number of bends in the supply ductline. Typically, 65 mm WG of static pressure is sufficient for most industrial air washer units. Blower is chosen after arriving at the ideal airflow volume in CFM that is required for any given application. Based on the airflow volume, the correct size of blower is chosen. A blower can be either forward curved or backward curved. 


Special attention is given to each and every stage during manufacturing. Standard operating procedures and checklists are followed. This way high quality products are delivered at the client site.