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Air Washer System - Edgetech

Edgetech produces air washers with a capacity range of 1200 CFM to 40000 CFM. However, larger capacities of air washer units can be manufactured based on the demand. Edgetech Air washer system comes with a two-stage evaporative cooling process. The air washer units are generally used in industries, manufacturing plants, warehouses, industrial plants, etc.
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Features and Benefits:

  • Use of double stage evaporative cooling means higher efficiency is achieved which is not possible with single stage direct evaporative cooling.
  • As compared to the air conditioning units, these air washer units by Edgetech consume half the energy. 
  • Therefore, operating costs as well as capital costs are lower.
  • The space under consideration is cooled by 100% fresh air, therefore, there are no indoor air quality issues.
  • An Air washer system is environment friendly as no refrigerant is used.

Pad Type: Single stage

Double stage cooling: Direct and indirect cooling stages

Spray type: single/double bank