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TheSmartHVAC Air washer system

TheSmartHVAC manufactures premium air washer units for sale across India. The capacity ranges from 1200 CFM to 100000 CFM. TheSmartHVAC air washer system delivers superior performance at low energy consumption. These air washer units work on the principle of natural evaporative cooling. Industries, factories, canteens, food courts, large common halls are some of the areas where air washer units are deployed in order to maintain a pleasant working atmosphere.

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Air washer unit - by TheSmartHVAC - Triple Skin Casing - Zero Noise - Energy Efficient

TheSmartHVAC air washer unit comes equipped with triple skin casing instead of the standard double skin air washer unit. For the first time in the Indian HVAC marketplace, TheSmartHVAC constructs and manufactures an air washer system with triple skin casing that ensures zero noise, a longer working life of the system, and relatively less maintenance. TheSmartHVAC air washer system is available from airflow volume of 1200 CFM to 100000 CFM. The static pressure is chosen keeping in mind the application of these air washer units. TheSmartHVAC air washer unit is compact, energy-efficient, silent, and robust.
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