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Air Handling Unit AHU - Edgetech

Edgetech offers a wide variety and a wide range of Air Handling Units. The company offers both ceiling suspended and floor mounted AHUs ranging from 1200 CFM to 60000 CFM and above. AHRI certified Coil available in 4 rows, 6 rows, 8 rows. Total static pressure is chosen based on the usage. Customized AHUs are also available.
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Edgetech offers a wide range of AHUs such as horizontal type double tier, floor mounted, horizontal type floor mounted, vertical type double skin, cleanroom, packaged vertical, ceiling suspended, and smart AHU.

Construction of an Edgetech AHU

1. Casing:

  • Casing that comes in double skin: pre coated outer skin as well as inner skin. The skins are made of galvanized steel sheet.
  • Unique design ‘thermal brake profile’ and panel to meet the international standard for leakage class.
  • Aluminium profile that is Corrosion resistant and comes with special designed coving.
  • Rigid framework design that is inherent to the casing stability as well as strength.
  • A wide range of casing construction materials to select from SS-304/316, Aluminum, Galvanized steel 120/270 GSM, Galvalume and many more.
  • PUF injected double skin panels that are environment friendly and also CFC/HFC free.
  • Damper made from Aluminum aerofoil in order to ensure the minimal leakage percentage.
  • Uniquely designed drain pan that comes in multi slope in order to maintain hygienic conditions.

2. Coil

  • Coil that’s certified by AHRI
  • For plug and play operation there is an option of factory fitted valve package.

3. Filters

  • Controls dust, airborne particles, and micro-organism through an air filtration system. The air filtration system uses highly efficient and low pressure drop particulate air filters.
  • Filters can be easily removed without any tools for cleaning purposes.

4. Connectivity

  • Optimum efficiency and major energy savings are made possible with features like inbuilt electrical control panels. These panels are equipped with intelligent sensors and controls for automation.
  • Option of manual operation as a standard feature, however, BMS ready connectivity is also possible.

5. Fan and Motor section:

  • Standard units come with Forward / Backward curved centrifugal fans pulley belt driven.
  • Options of EC fans as well as plug fans.
  • Induction motor, with IP 55 protection with class F, squirrel cage type, Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)