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Air duct, AC duct - Shree Venus Energy System Private Limited

Air ducts and AC ducts are used in the HVAC sector. Shree Venus Energy System Private Limited fabricates rectangular, oval, round duct as well as plenum at its manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu. The duct thickness ranges from 26-gauge, 24-gauge, 22-gauge, 20-gauge, 18-gauge, 16-gauge. Or 0.5mm, 0.63mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm in thickness. The length and width of the duct pieces are as per the approved HVAC drawing.
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Anti-corrosive GI sheets coated with zinc are used to fabricate all kinds of ducts.

Transportation as well as installation of these Ducts is easy.

Factory finish on these ducts ensures that no other material or coating is required in order to improve the surface finish of these duct pieces.

Connecting several duct pieces is a straightforward task. Rectangular ducts are connected with flanges whereas round and oval duct pieces are connected in a straight line.

For round and oval duct pieces, the insulation is generally provided internally and therefore, these ducts are insulated with Nitrile or XLPE material at the manufacturing site only.

Rectangular ducts are either offered as a complete piece or in L form.

The entire process of fabricating, coating ensures a longer lifespan for these ducts.


ASHRAE, SMACNA standards are followed while fabricating the ducts at Shree Venus site.

Rectangular duct pieces are fabricated either as a complete single piece or in L shape. L shape pieces are much easier to transport.

Round and Oval duct pieces are completely built at the fabricating site.

For suspending these ducts, adequate support and suspending framework are provided.

Optional feature of TDS corners.

Length of the duct pieces is as per the approved HVAC drawing. Usually, 4 meters in length duct pieces can be fabricated at the Shree Venus site.