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TheSmartHVAC manufactures and sells its own label Air Handling Unit AHUs. Both ceiling suspended as well as floor mounted AHU are manufactured in a wide range of capacity starting from 800 CFM to 100000 CFM. Additionally, the customized Air Handling systems are also manufactured as per the customer needs. TheSmartHVAC provides extra warranty on its own label products. TheSmartHVAC AHU Unit comes with a warranty of 1+1. In other words, the standard warranty of 1 year is provided on the overall unit, however, motor and blower come with a warranty of 2 years. TheSmartHVAC manufactures and delivers Triple skin casing AHU Units across India. Triple skin casing results in noiseless, energy-efficient, and robust Air handling units. All the units are transported in modular form across locations in India. And assembly is then carried out at the project site.

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AHU - Triple Skin Casing, Noiseless, Energy-Efficient Premium Air Handling Unit - Manufactured by TheSmartHVAC

All of TheSmartHVAC Premium Air Handling Units come equipped with Triple skin casing. Therefore, TheSmartHVAC AHU units provide silent operation, long life, and ease of maintenance. TheSmartHVAC AHU units come with an extended warranty of 1+1 years. From 800 CFM to 100000 CFM Air Handling Unit systems are available for sale across India. Both Floor-mounted and Ceiling-suspended types of AHU units are manufactured and sold across India. AHRI certified coils (4 rows or 6 rows or 8 rows). TheSmartHVAC air handling unit comprises filter section, coil section, motor section, and the blower section. Desired Static Pressure is achieved with the right selection of motor and blower.
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